Screenshots: Resolve Chrome sync issues

Steps to resolve Chrome bookmark synchronization issues

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Greetings from beautiful Las Vegas, where the days are sunny and every night is Saturday! I came out here for the Dev Connections conference at the Mandalay Bay, which winds up today. Whenever I travel I make sure to synchronize all my data to my laptop so I'll have the resources I need when I'm away from home. This time a snag I've been having with bookmark synchronization in Chrome finally came to a boil and I thought I'd share how I addressed the issue.

If you've read my columns for a while you might have noticed that synchronization duplicates have been the bane of my existence. I've experienced duplicate contact problems in Outlook 2011 as well as duplicate data issues in Google Drive - it's never pretty cleaning up these issues but hopefully the advice in this article can be helpful if you find yourself running afoul of a duplicate Google Chrome synchronization problem. Note this might help with bookmarks, extensions, history or anything else you're having problems with.

Credit: Images by Scott Matteson for TechRepublic.

By Scott Matteson

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