Share folders in Windows 7 with the Shared Folder Wizard

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If you work in any kind of environment where there are multiple users, chances are you will need to share one or more folders out to your colleagues. For many administrators, this is a very simple task. For some, however, this task seems to be rather elusive. And what happens when you want to give your end-users the ability to share out the necessary folders to everyone? Are you going to walk through the sometimes complicated task of folder sharing? Or what about training your junior-admins on the art of folder sharing?

For those end users (or even for some administrators with less knowledge of such tasks) there is a very easy to use Microsoft Windows Wizard for sharing folders. This wizard is the Shared Folder Wizard and it is included in Windows XP Pro, Vista, and Windows 7. This wizard makes the process of sharing folders incredibly easy – for any level of user.

In this How Do I photo gallery, I walk you through a very simple wizard which will, in turn, allow you to show your end-users (or junior admins) a fast and easy way to share folders (or just make your job a little bit easier). In the end, regardless of your reasons for using this wizard, folder sharing will be made all the more easy.

Step 1: Open the Wizard
Open Shared Folder Wizard by opening the run dialog box and then typing shrpubw.exe in the resulting window. Or you could click Start | Run then enter shrpubw.exe in the run dialog. In Windows 7, you can simply type shrpubw in the search box and press [Enter].

Step 2: Click through the welcome page
If you need to learn more about your Windows Firewall, you can click the link. Otherwise click Next to continue as shown in this screenshot.

This gallery is also available as a TechRepublic blog post and download. Image created by Jack Wallen for TechRepublic.

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