Shutdown Windows 8 right from the desktop

The power options

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In the last couple of blog posts in the Windows and Office Blog, I've shown you how to boot Windows 8 straight to the desktop and add a Start button to the taskbar. These two techniques basically allow you to emulate a Windows 7 style interface in Windows 8 without having to use any third-party utilities. As you know, the Start menu in Windows not only provided you with a way to launch your application but also a way to shut down your computer. For example, in Windows 7 there is a Shut down as well as a pop-up menu that displays six other related options: Switch user, Log off, Lock, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate.

In Windows 8, these options are spread out between the Power Charm and the context menu associated with your user picture on the Start screen, as shown in Figure A. Unfortunately, this new arrangement isn't convenient for everyone. I've heard numerous complaints about this as well as requests for the ability to shut down or restart the system to be put back on the desktop.

Credit: Images by Greg Shultz for TechRepublic

By Greg Shultz

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