Slide Show: Running Windows 8 on multiple monitors

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This gallery was originally published in June 2012.

Up until recently, I have been using Windows 8 on system with a single monitor. In that type of configuration I was constantly confronting the Metro Start Screen and feeling like my familiar desktop was playing second fiddle. However, when I installed Windows 8 on a system with a multiple monitor configuration, I definitely began seeing the operating system in a totally different way. In fact, I found that I can essentially forget about the Metro Start screen as it will only be visible on one monitor and then only when click the Start Screen button or press the [Windows] key on your keyboard. Otherwise all you see is miles and miles of the beloved desktop.

Not only does a multiple monitor configuration give Windows 8 a better feel on a desktop system, but all the new multiple monitor features that Microsoft has endowed the operating system with are really great! For example, you no longer need to have a third-party utility to put a Taskbar on each monitor or have a different wallpaper image on each desktop. Plus, there are a number of other features built into Windows 8 that are designed to boost productivity when using multiple monitors.

For all the details, see my Windows Desktop Report article.

In this gallery, I’ll show you screen shots of Windows 8 running on my multiple monitor set up, which consists of a 23-inch LG E2350 wide screen monitor flanked by two 21-inch ViewSonic VP211b monitors, as I described in the article.

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