Slideshow: How to add Flip3D to the Taskbar

Create a shortcut on the Windows Desktop

Windows Vista had a graphical feature for switching between open applications called Flip3D, which was located on the Taskbar. However, for some reason that feature is absent from the Windows 7 Taskbar. If you like to get it back, all you have to do is create a desktop shortcut with a specific command and pin it to the Taskbar.

Note: Flip3D is still part of the Windows 7 interface via a keyboard shortcut: [Windows key] + [Tab]. But by pinning a shortcut to the Taskbar, you will be able to get the feature with the mouse, which can come in handy if you aren't in a good position to get two hands on the keyboard.

Create the shortcut

To start, right-click on an empty part of the Windows Desktop, navigate to New | Shortcut as shown.

By Mark Kaelin

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