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Star Trek: The Exhibition features costumes, props, and more

Star Trek: The Exhibition, Transporter

Star Trek: The Exhibition is currently at the Louisville Science Center in Louisville, KY through May 22, 2011. The traveling exhibition is also at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum in Riverside, CA, through February 28, 2011. (Each venue shows the exhibit just a little bit differently.) Star Trek: The Exhibition is sponsored by CBS Studios, Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp., and AT&T.

The exhibit features props, costumes, makeup mockups, and set pieces from the Star Trek television shows and movies. (Some of the exhibit items are authentic, and some are replicas.) This TechRepublic gallery features photos of Captain Kirk's chair, Kai Opaka's costume, Jean Luc Picard's living quarters, and other highlights of my visit to the exhibition in Louisville.

For details about the special Star Trek-related programming at the Louisville Science Center and ticket prices, read my Geekend blog about Star Trek: The Exhibition.

The authentic Transporter from Enterprise-D had a range of 40,000 kilometers -- enough to reach most Earth-like planets from synchronous orbit.

Trek trivia: Nobody ever said “Beam me up, Scotty” in any episode of the original Star Trek.

Photo by Nicole Bremer Nash for TechRepublic

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