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Strangest locations for datacenters (photos)

Today, datacenters can be found in the most unusual locations - anywhere from ice-locked ex-military bases to Spanish chapels.' Nick Heath decided to round up some of the most interesting and remote locations around the world housing and processing computer data.

With the problems that datacenters have with cooling, the Antarctic is perhaps the ideal site for such a facility. This is McMurdo station, home to the largest community in the South Pole and a scientific research center for the United States.

The station's datacentre is dedicated to supporting scientific work and running the station - with 64 servers and more than 2TB of storage connected to hundreds of desktops by a gigabit Ethernet network.

McMurdo Station is the telecoms hub for science projects, field camps and operations in western Antarctica funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

To provide these services, it has a central telephone exchange and a wide spectrum of network, radio-frequency and satellite-communication systems.

At the South Pole, every day up to 100GB of science data is transferred from the station to the US via satellite-communication links in support of multiple NSF-funded science projects.

Photo: Eli Duke

Captions: Nick Heath,

By Sonja Thompson

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