Sync more than one cloud storage service

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As the cloud grows, and more people wind up managing more and more cloud storage services, the necessity to more easily manage those cloud services increases. I bounce around from three to five such services, and if it weren't for the right tools, I'd be scrambling around like a rat in a maze. Thankfully there are plenty of available tools that can help you easily manage those services.

Of course, not all such tools are created equal. Some are web-based, some are desktop based, some can help you manage what seems like an endless stream of services, and some are limited to a few. Let's take a look at five such apps/sites that can help you keep your sanity with regards to syncing all of your cloud storage services. In order to make this list, each app needed to be able to sync (or backup) multiple cloud storage services, be easy to use, and be cost-effective.

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By Jack Wallen

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