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TechRepublic's 2011 Geek Gift Guide: 12 items for your holiday shopping list

Amazon Kindle Fire tablet

Every year since 2007, TechRepublic has been taking a closer look at the "at play" part of a geek’s life in our Geek Gift Guides, which feature reviews and analysis of the latest trends, gadgets, and toys. Here are 12 items from TechRepublic's 2011 Geek Gift Guide (PDF) that our editors think you might want to add to your wish list or shopping list this year.

Tablets will be on many techies' wish lists this year, so Wally Bahny provided a roundup of many of the tablets that hit the market (or were at least available) in 2011. His roundup includes links to reviews of each product.

TechRepublic's Jason Hiner has already deemed the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet one of the best tablets of the year. Be sure to check out Bill Detwiler's cracking open gallery of the Kindle Fire.

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By Mary Weilage

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