TechRepublic's camera phone challenge: Pets


A couple of weeks ago, we encouraged the TechRepublic community to submit pet photos that they had taken with a camera phone. Bonus points were given for photos of pets with technology, which means that ALL of the folks who sent in a "pet tech pic" will receive a little somethin-somethin of the swag variety!

The first-place photo (the one the TechRepublic editorial staff liked the very best) was taken by TR member JohnMcGrew with a Treo 755p.

"This is Odie the Pomeranian. He frequently makes himself at home on my desk and critiques my work. He is 4, and is also a registered therapy dog that makes regular visits to senior centers and the Children's Hospital.

"If you want to see him with his 'A' face, check him out at"

By Sonja Thompson

Sonja Thompson started at TechRepublic in October 1999. She is a former Senior Editor at TechRepublic.