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The 10 worst technologies in Q2 2006

We love seeing great new tech, but there's also a side of us that takes delight in seeing the other end of the technological spectrum. Like with a bad movie that achieves cult status because it's just that bad, we love to hate something about these unlucky 13 products and downloadable duds from the past three months. Keep in mind, each of the items listed below has its share of redeeming qualities. But each of them also stands out for all the wrong reasons. In no particular order, here are some recent tech turkeys. And if you want to catch up on the entire year's most worthless gear, read our roundup of the worst tech of the first quarter. Compiled by CNET Reviews.

1. Worst new sport: Segway polo

Hmm, if only there were a way to combine the dorkiness of riding a Segway with the snobbery of a polo match. It seems Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak's next venture is to popularize the game of Segway polo, once he's done finding ways of cheating in it and forcing them to rewrite the rules every week. When Woz isn't busy annoying everyone on the Segway polo grounds with "tactics" such as throwing his mallet and clubbing shots over their heads, he's busy braining passersby with errant shots. See all this and more in our incredibly uncomfortable video.


By Bill Detwiler

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