The evolution of the laptop computer

The most important portables from 1975 to today...

The desktop has gone through many changes over four decades, but they pale in comparison to the absolute revolution in portable computing. From this "portable" 1975 IBM behemoth to the ultra-expensive oddities of the 1980s, from the neon designs of the 1990s to the machines we use today, this is a visual history of the most important and interesting portable computers ever made.

Special thanks to Steven Stengel of oldcomputers.net, who was kind enough to give us permission to share a number of photos from his personal collection.


By Fox Van Allen

Fox Van Allen is a Los Angeles-based writer for CBS Interactive covering technology, tech lifestyle and gaming topics for GameSpot, CNET, ZDNet and TechRepublic. He has previously worked as a news and feature writer for a number of other sites, inclu...