The most disappointing and bizarre gadgets of 2013

Disappointing or weird gadgets

These are the gadgets released or at least announced or demoed in 2013 that I think are the biggest letdowns or just flat-out weird. Sound off in the comments about which gadgets are on your worst of 2013 list.

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iPhone 5C

I might get a lot of flack for including the iPhone 5C in this list, but I stand behind my decision. The iPhone 5C's main selling point is color options, and the product tainted the release of the new hardware and iOS 7.

This is made even more evident when you compare the iPhone 5C to the incredible power of the iPhone 5S. The 5S is the first 64-bit smartphone platform and should have been given its own release. Yes, iOS 7 made a lot of major changes and even gained a boost in performance, but with a polycarbonate body, the C should stand for cheap.

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