Vista Sprint EV-DO Workaround

Pantech PX-500 EV-DO card

Mitch Ratcliffe's Vista-Mac user experience comparison hit a driver-related bump in the road. Vista required a workaround to connect to Sprint's network. Here's the step-by-step guide to getting connected to Sprint's broadband wireless network.

This EV-DO card must be activated using a Windows XP system.

EV-DO cards must be activated using two 10-digit telephone numbers, the Carrier Mobile Directory Number (MDN) and the Carrier Mobile Subscriber ID (MSID), and a six-digit locking code, called the MSL. Telling the card this information the first time you use it is essential to making it work, because the card and the network exchange these numbers to identify the account and control data.

Once the EV-DO card is activated—that is, once it knows the MDN, MSID and MSL—a simple dial-up script can start the connection process.