Web Directions South 2011

WDS 2011: Addy Osmani weilds his lightsaber clicker

The Web Directions South (WDS) conference has kicked off for another year, where participants will discuss HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS and many other web technologies. Coupled with all that will be memes, geekiness and raging against old Internet Explorer versions and mobile browsers.

In this image, Addy Osmani is discussing scalable JavaScript design patterns and his in development Aura framework.

Photo by: Chris Duckett/TechRepublic
Caption by: Chris Duckett/TechRepublic

By Chris Duckett

Some would say that it is a long way from software engineering to journalism, others would correctly argue that it is a mere 10 metres according to the floor plan. During his first five years with CBS Interactive, Chris started his journalistic adven...