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What not to do in a server room

Stacked Servers

Your server room may be perfect; every Ethernet cable in place, all KVM and power cables neatly tucked into the sides of the racks. Your comm rack may be a marvel of modern cable management. Unfortunately, not all server rooms are so lucky.

Some server rooms are nothing but living examples of bad planning and worse execution. Dare I say, viewing some are even trips to the legendary 11th level of Hades itself (it's where the Apple Netwon and Microsoft BOB are). We now embark on an adventure to one such server room. If you dare?

Submitted by Joshua Hoskins

Server rails are a great thing. They allow you easy access to your server for any needed hardware maintenance. What could be better than a nice rail kit you ask? Why stacking your servers directly on top of each other!

Image the surprise and fun you'll have when you slide out a server to add a stick of RAM only to have two other servers topple out on top of you! Boy, will there be egg on your face then, when a simple RAM upgrade turns into a two server replacement.

© CNET Networks - Submitted by Joshua Hoskins

By Bill Detwiler

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