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World of Warcraft: The Cataclysm has happened

Orgrimmar Front Gate

Last week, World of Warcraft experienced its Cataclysm. In addition to the geographic changes wrought by Deathwing the Destroyer, many other man-made (orc-made, forsaken-made, etc.) changes have been introduced as well. This gallery is a small sample of those changes. (Note to the Alliance players: This gallery is very Horde-centric.)

Here is an index of the 74 images in this gallery to help you find your way:
  • 1-21: Orgrimmar
  • 22-27: Azshara
  • 28-32: Ashenvale
  • 33-35: Stonetalon, Thunder Bluff, Desolace
  • 36-41: Thousand Needles
  • 42-51: Barrens
  • 52-54: Durotar, Echo Isles
  • 55: Gadgetzan, Tanaris
  • 56-59: Brill
  • 60-62: Silverpine
  • 63-65: Hillsbrad
  • 66-68: Loch Modan, Badlands
  • 69-70: Blasted Lands
  • 71-74: Stranglethorn Vale

The first of these changes that the Horde will see is likely to be the massive new Orgrimmar ramparts. This is mostly because any character that logged off inside Orgrimmar got moved outside, so they didn't reappear inside a wall, the ground, or high in the air.

Screenshot of World of Warcraft game client by Wally Bahny for TechRepublic.