2022 Threat Report

The BlackBerry 2022 Threat Report is not a simple retrospective of the cyberattacks of 2021. It is a high-level look at issues affecting cybersecurity across the globe, both directly and indirectly. It covers elements of critical infrastructure exploitation, adversarial artificial intelligence (AI), initial access brokers (IABs), critical event management (CEM), extended detection and response (XDR), and other issues shaping our current security environment.

This report covers topics confronting individuals and organizations around the world. As always, it represents BlackBerry’s unique piece of the overall security puzzle. The goal is to improve the global security posture by sharing the information, predictions, and experiences with everyone. To accomplish that, the report examines 2021’s major security events and how they may shape the cybersecurity landscape going forward.

It provides a deep dive into the cybersecurity issues we face today, and offers readers additional information and context to perform their own thoughtful analysis.

We sincerely hope the information contained in this report will help protect users and keep organizations secure in 2022 and beyond.

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