Cisco Recognized for 2021 Market Leadership Global Network Firewall Industry Excellence in Best Practices

Network firewalls are a critical line of defense in securing enterprise networks and protecting their vital data. The rapid transition to cloud infrastructure makes managing networks quite complex and cumbersome, leaving security and information technology (IT) teams with the overwhelming task of determining proper restrictions and access.

Since 1984, Cisco Systems (Cisco) has served as a leading technology enterprise. Cisco specializes in developing and manufacturing products and services such as networking, software, Internet of Things, data centers, and security. The company offers robust on premise firewall solutions, and is actively growing its virtual and containerized firewall capabilities that seamlessly integrate with its SecureX platform and its broader security portfolio.

Frost & Sullivan observes how Cisco’s strategic vision for the evolution of enterprises towards a secure access Frost & Sullivan 2021 The Growth Pipeline Company service edge architecture, commonly known as SASE, ensures the company’s foothold on supporting organizations through their network firewall and broader digital transformation journey.

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