The Future of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Financial planning and analysis leaders today place more value on the role of technology in the budgeting, planning and forecasting process.

The report provides insights from almost 1,000 senior Finance and FP&A leaders from around the world, representing companies from a broad range of industries, sizes and geographies. The report looks at a number of areas where Finance can develop stronger C-suite relationships, through improved business partnership, and better decision making driven by hard data.

As an appetiser, here are a couple of the findings:

  • Planning is becoming increasingly operational. CFOs now understand the importance of bringing together all business information into a single system.
  • Continuous Planning’s time has finally come. Data now show that CFOs who embrace the continuous planning approach respond to challenges and take advantage of opportunities almost four times more quickly than their peers who don’t.

This report provides readers with valuable insight and new ways of thinking about the role of Finance in today’s highly disruptive business landscape. Download this paper to learn how your peers are approaching these industry-wide challenges.

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