Your Account Takeover Prevention Checklist: 5 Steps to Minimise the Risk

Our personal data is valuable to criminals – and they’re making more attempts than ever to get hold of it. In 2021 the number of data breaches hit a record high of nearly 1,900 compromises, a rise of 68% on 2020.

Many cyberattacks begin with the same weakness: user accounts. More specifically, they exploit user credentials, with 89% of web application attacks in 2021 involving stolen or misused usernames and passwords. Our identities are under attack.

Stepping up identity security is critical to safeguard your customers and avoid the reputational damage of a data breach. But onerous security measures add friction to your digital experience and could turn off customers.

Many organisations are now turning to a modern customer identity & access management (CIAM) provider to get the balance right. This guide explains 5 ways to reduce the risk of account takeovers with CIAM, while keeping your user experience flowing freely.

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