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  • Gartner: Use Heterogeneous Storage Virtualization as a Bridge to Cloud

    White Papers // Jun 2012 // provided by IBM Corp.

    Data center operators who are interested in private cloud storage technologies struggle with moving existing storage infrastructure into a cloud storage paradigm. Heterogeneous storage virtualization appliances offer a transition path for operators by preserving their investments and adding cloud operating semantics.

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  • Using SP for ECM

    White Papers // May 2012 // provided by IBM Corp.

    As the non-profit association dedicated to nurturing, growing and supporting the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) community, AIIM is proud to provide this research at no charge. In this way, the entire community can leverage the education, thought leadership and direction provided by our work. We would like this research to ...

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  • Use SQL-like languages for the MapReduce framework

    White Papers // Apr 2012 // provided by IBM Corp.

    Select the most suitable MapReduce implementation for large scale data analysis jobs based on the user skills, preferences, and requirements. MapReduce is a simple and powerful programming model that enables the easy development of scalable parallel applications to process vast amounts of data on large clusters of commodity machines. It ...

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