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  • Container Security 101

    Ebooks · Jun 2020 · Provided By Palo Alto

    Containers have become a standard in development environments. But their ephemeral nature increases security risks for applications and data. In this e-book, we take a look at the fundamentals of container security and break down what every organization needs to know to secure images, registries, orchestrators and more.

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  • The Continuum of Cloud Native Topologies

    White Papers · Jun 2020 · Provided By Palo Alto

    There are many compute options for cloud native environments, and the differences among them are nuanced. Each has its own advantages and downfalls, and few organizations will find a single option that fits all their needs. This white paper offers a model for viewing the different technologies as a continuum...

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  • The Business Case for Cloud Threat Defense

    White Papers · Jun 2020 · Provided By Palo Alto

    As you evaluate solutions for cloud compliance and security, options for repurposing legacy data center solutions, building your own, or buying a cloud native security product are likely all in consideration. This report provides an overview of the practical benefits of Prisma Cloud, along with a prepared cost/benefit analysis.

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  • Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report, Spring 2020

    White Papers · Jun 2020 · Provided By Palo Alto

    For the Spring 2020 edition of the Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report, our team of elite cloud threat researchers uncover where cloud vulnerabilities are surfacing in infrastructure as code (IaC) templates, as well as providing a deep dive into cryptomining operations and broader cybercrime trends.

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