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  • Why Innovation is never efficient but always necessary - Whitepaper

    White Papers // Jul 2018 // provided by Canon

    Innovation and technology fundamentally change the way we do business. Yet for all its benefits, discovering new processes can be, at times, inefficient.It takes teamwork, a shared vision and a plan to push for improvements.Here are some key ideas from recent research and insights into how Australian businesses are striving...

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  • How do you protect your small business from growing security threats?

    White Papers // Jul 2018 // provided by Dell & Intel

    As businesses try to digitally transform themselves, security is one of the key aspects that will need to be considered. A legacy IT environment is bound to have many vulnerabilities because of the need to constantly patch and update outdated software, issues with integration and difficulties in effectively managing an...

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  • OptiPlex - The Desktop Reimagined

    White Papers // Jul 2018 // provided by Dell & Intel

    For 25 years, OptiPlex has continuously adapted to the new ways you work. The next generation of innovative form factors and versatile accessories unleash your workforce potential like never before. All new all-in-ones feature elegant lines, vivid displays and versatile stand options for a premium experience. Ultra-compact and powerful form...

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  • Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Content Collaboration Platforms 2018

    Analyst Briefings // Jul 2018 // provided by Box

    At Box, we build our products to meet the demands of the digital age, including the need to give your teams a user-friendly way to collaborate without compromising on bulletproof security, control and compliance. Today's best-of-breed world means you get to choose the best tools to solve for these needs...

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  • Zero Day Email Protection

    White Papers // Jul 2018 // provided by Singtel

    Businesses are increasingly becoming susceptible to security attacks because unsuspecting email users are working from mobile devices that may not have the proper security measures in place. Find out how Proactive email security is therefore needed to mitigate such email-based risks across all devices. Offering zero day email protection, Microsoft...

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  • TechTarget: From Legacy Infrastructure to the Cloud: A Migration Journey in 5 Steps

    Ebooks // Jul 2018 // provided by Box

    When it comes to the cloud, most businesses have moved from wait-and-see to a "how do we make it happen now?" approach. But the complexities of moving valuable content from legacy systems to the cloud is still a daunting challenge. That's why some businesses are putting off the move...

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  • Upgrade from legacy infrastructure to cloud content management

    Ebooks // Jul 2018 // provided by Box

    Network file shares just can’t keep up with the speed of business today — or modern security requirements. That's why more and more companies are migrating to Cloud Content Management. They're taking advantage of a cloud-based platform with a host of capabilities to power the digital workplace. Download our...

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  • Secure and connect all your productivity tools in the cloud

    Ebooks // Jul 2018 // provided by Box

    Content is among an organization's most critical assets. It flows through every aspect of a company, from people to systems to processes. But as teams grow and the breadth of their content expands, these valuable assets get fragmented across the different tools they use. What if you had a...

  • How to choose the best collaboration platform

    Ebooks // Jul 2018 // provided by Box

    Digital transformation is posing unprecedented challenges to businesses today. One of those challenges is connecting and enabling a diverse, extended and mobile workforce. This means that organizations are making big bets on collaboration tools to work better across the extended enterprise. The only problem? There are so many services...

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  • An IDC Report: Understanding the Rapidly Changing Hyperconverged Market

    White Papers // Jul 2018 // provided by NetApp

    NetApp posed questions that customers ask most often about hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to analyst Eric Sheppard, research director for IDC's Enterprise Storage and Converged Infrastructure practice. Read this report for his answers to help you better understand the rapidly changing hyperconverged market. Yes, I authorize NetApp to receive my...

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