5 programming languages application solutions developers should learn (free PDF)

These programming languages will help application solutions developers provide clients of all sizes the support they need when building solutions. Learn more in this free PDF from TechRepublic.

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You may be thinking, why focus on software developers since it is essentially the same as application solutions developer (ASD)? If you belong to this camp, you aren’t necessarily wrong, but not completely right either.

Both essentially develop code used to power a specific function or service. Whether it is a standalone application or web-based hosted in the cloud, this is a core duty that serves as the essence of both roles. However, an ASD often finds him- or herself embedded much more deeply with the client, often being instrumental in meeting with the customer to assess concerns and work with multiple teams to provide the best solution to solve the problem.

It’s similar to a project manager taking the lead on a customer’s issue. ASDs work directly with the customer and serve as a go-between for the customer and any other people involved in ultimately resolving the customer’s issue, so the customer doesn’t have to address every facet of the issue with the relevant parties themselves. ASDs act as a centralized point of contact for all stakeholders to make sure all the pieces come together properly.

The programming languages below are selected because they represent the best languages for application solutions developers to know to leverage all platforms and maximize compatibility.

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