5 programming languages network architects should learn (free PDF)

In this free PDF download from TechRepublic you’ll learn about the top five programming languages which will help current and new network architects better understand the job’s landscape to design secure and scalable networks.

From the download:

Designing data networks that meet the needs of today while keeping your options as open to support the demands of tomorrow is a highly desirable and lucrative career path for IT professionals. Typically, hires for this role have an extensive level of experience in managing and supporting networks, while having a computer science and engineering education is sometimes required.

As with all things IT, however, the dynamic nature of managing the flow of information evolves over time. Everyone’s job—regardless of the role—will likely change to some degree or another in IT. As technologies are retired in lieu of the newer, more efficient ones that rise up to take their places, the requirements for roles may vary.

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