Android 11: A cheat sheet (free PDF)

Android 11 is here, and it could become one of the most polished releases the Android platform has ever seen. Why? Because Android 11 doesn’t do much to radically change the operating system; instead, this iteration of Google’s mobile platform puts a good amount of polish on many of the dramatic features first released in Android 10. Of course, that doesn’t mean there are no new features in Android 11; in fact, there are long overdue features in the latest release.

With 85.4% of the global smartphone market share, Android still reigns supreme, according to IDC. Because Android 11 rolled out faster than previous incarnations, this take on the operating system could wind up on more devices, faster than previous iterations.

Read this free PDF Android 11 cheat sheet download to get up to speed on Google’s latest OS. We’ll update this resource periodically when there is new information about Android 11.

In the download:

  • What is Android 11?
  • What new features come with Android 11?
  • What enhancements are in Android 11?
  • What security features are in Android 11?
  • How can developers start using Android 11?
  • When was Android 11 released?

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