Android gift guide: The best gifts in 2019 (free PDF)

If you’re shopping for a gift for an Android fan, where do you start? You start with this gift buyer’s guide.

Before downing another cup of eggnog, check out the TechRepublic Android gift guide free PDF download.

From the download:

A brand new phone

Why not go big? Santa Claus big. Every Android user loves the idea of getting a new device. So this time, get your favorite Google fan what might well be one of the two best Android devices on the market: The Samsung Galaxy S10 or the OnePlus 7T. Which one, you ask, is best for your loved one or friend?

  • Samsung Galaxy S10: If they want what may be the best display on the market, an outstanding camera, and blazing fast performance. Cost: $789.
  • OnePlus 7T: If a flagship phone at a non-flagship phone price) with near Galaxy S10 performance, minus wireless charging and average battery life, fits the bill. Cost: $599.

Either one of these phones will please your Android buddy, but if you want that smile to linger into the New Year, the Galaxy S10 is the way to go.

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