Apple MacBook Air 2020: Cheat sheet (free PDF)

Apple has revealed a new MacBook Air model that’s sure to give Apple fans something to be excited about. The new MacBook Air replaces last year’s model, and while it looks practically identical (the only difference is 0.02” of added height in the 2020 model), the graphics, storage, and processor are all upgraded.

Those new hardware features pale in comparison to the biggest change introduced in the 2020 MacBook Air: An all new keyboard design. Those who have been holding out hope for a true MacBook keyboard redesign have finally had their wishes answered.

Here is what business users need to know about the MacBook Air 2020. This free PDF download from TechRepublic will be updated as new information is available about this Apple device.

In this download:

    What is the new MacBook Air 2020?
  • Specs for the MacBook Air 2020
  • Why should business users care about the new MacBook Air?
  • How does the new MacBook Air compare to similar and other products?
  • When will the new MacBook Air be available, and where can I buy it?
  • And more!

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