Apple’s Face ID: Cheat sheet (free PDF)

Apple made a big change when it released the iPhone X: It ditched Touch ID fingerprint security for a new face-based biometric sign-on tool called Face ID. The fingerprint scanner on most post-iPhone X Apple products is gone, and in its place is a new camera array capable of capturing a face map that is, according to Apple, 20 times less likely to be hacked than a Touch ID fingerprint.

Face ID could bring us into a whole new age of biometric technology, but it isn’t without its critics. Fans of Touch ID and privacy advocates have been critical of Face ID, but like it or not, it’s now part of Apple’s ecosystem.

TechRepublic’s free PDF download cheat sheet about Face ID is an introduction to Apple’s new form of biometric security. This Face ID guide will be updated periodically.

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Still unlocking your phone with a fingerprint? How primitive! The modern smartphone user, provided she has the latest Apple products, is unlocking her device with a glance.

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