Building the bionic brain (free PDF)

The mind is the final frontier for computing. New technologies will allow us to connect our brains to computers to share our thoughts and control devices, and expand the capabilities of our minds to rival even super-smart artificial intelligence (AI). Take a look at the current state of the art, where we go next, and the challenges that lie ahead in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

In this download:

  • What is a brain-computer interface? Everything you need to know about BCIS, neural interfaces, and the future of mind-reading computers
  • Elon’s Musk’s neuralink explained: Get ready to merge your mind with a computer
  • Facebook’s ‘Mind-Reading’ tech startup deal could completely change how we control computers
  • Mind-reading systems: Seven ways brain computer interfaces are already changing the world
  • Mind-reading technology is everyone’s next big security nightmare
  • Mind-reading technology: The security and privacy threats ahead
  • Neural implants: Why connecting your brain to a computer will create a huge headache for everyone
  • 10 years from now your brain will be connected to your computer
  • And more!

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