Cheat sheet: AR Tools from Apple: RealityKit and Reality Composer (free PDF)

Apple’s ARKit gives iOS developers the ability to easily add augmented reality (AR) experiences to their existing apps. With Apple’s RealityKit framework and Reality Composer app, developers can take that to the next level and create AR experiences that were typically reserved for production companies at a huge expense just a few years ago.

Let’s dive into RealityKit and Reality Composer to get a better idea of what these AR tools can do and how developers will use them.

From the cheat sheet:

WHAT IS RealityKit?

RealityKit is a new framework that’s baked into Xcode 11 and iOS 13 to allow developers to get photo-realistic rendering in their augmented reality scenes. It also allows for animations, effects, physics effects, and more on those AR objects.

RealityKit is a native Swift API, available when linking against the iOS 13 SDK. This means that you get to use Swift’s language features to build out an AR experience that utilizes RealityKit even faster than before.

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