Cheat sheet: Data management (free PDF)

Data management is multidisciplinary and keeps data organized in a practical, usable manner. At its most fundamental level, data management works to ensure that an organization’s entire body of data is accurate and consistent, readily accessible, and properly secured.

Along with being a way to eliminate duplicates and standardize formats, data management also lays the groundwork for data analytics. Without good data management, analysis is practically impossible at worst and unreliable at best.

In this free PDF download from TechRepublic learn about data management essentials, including models, software, implementation, and more.

In this download:

  • What is data management?
  • What is involved in a complete data management model?
  • How does data management fit into a larger big data model?
  • What skills do data management professionals need?
  • What data management software is available?
  • How can organizations get started with data management?

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