Cheat sheet: Google Pixel 4 (free PDF)

Read about the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL’s features, specs, price, and all of the most important details that professionals need to know about these Google smartphones.

After months of leaks about what the Pixel 4 might look like and its features, the smartphone was finally revealed on Oct. 15, 2019, at the Made by Google event. The Pixel 4/4XL series is the latest line of smartphones from Google. The Pixel and Pixel XL were released in 2016, and each year since then, a new line has been created that has more features. The Pixel 4 comes with a greatly improved camera, speedy face unlock features, and a beefed up Google Assistant.

This Pixel 4 free PDF download from TechRepublic is an overview of the key details about the device.

From the download:

What are the Pixel 4’s best features, especially for business users?

The most important features of the Pixel 4 are the new Google Assistant and Project Soli, which allows the smart- phone to face unlock as you pick it up. Google replaced the Visual Core with a Pixel Neural Core. The new core allows for not only better photography but a better understanding of the English language.

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