Cheat sheet: Google Pixel phone (free PDF)

The launch of the Google Pixel phone marked a decided shift in the company’s mobile strategy. Gone are the days of the co-branded Nexus devices produced by companies like LG, Huawei, and Samsung–instead, Google now owns all the branding as well as the entire design and product cycle (even though the Pixel phone was actually manufactured by HTC). The Pixel paves the way for the kinds of tightly-integrated, AI-powered hardware that the company wants to deliver.

To help would-be buyers, business leaders, and IT professionals better understand the features of the Pixel phone and its place in the overall smartphone market, we’ve put together the most important details and resources in this cheat sheet. This article, which was first published on Oct. 6, 2016, will be updated and refreshed as new, relevant information becomes public.

From the cheat sheet:


What is the Google Pixel? Google’s Pixel Phone is the first smartphone to feature its AI-powered Google Assistant, and the first phone declared Daydream-ready for Google’s VR platform. It comes in two versions: the 5-inch Pixel and the 5.5-inch Pixel XL.

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