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Microsoft’s latest generation of Surface Pro devices includes a new kind of device called the Surface Pro X. It looks similar to other Surface Pro devices, but first glances are where the similarities end. This new Surface Pro model is thinner, lighter, has a longer-lasting battery than its predecessors, and, in a Microsoft first, is powered by a custom-designed Arm processor.

The internals of the Surface Pro X are a big change for Microsoft, which has classically built machines with Intel and AMD processors. An Arm-powered machine boasting a Microsoft-designed chip could signal a change in Microsoft’s hardware direction, and the Surface Pro X is the first machine to share in this new vision.

This Surface Pro X cheat sheet will be updated when new information about the device is available.

From the cheat sheet:


The Surface Pro X is the latest and greatest in Microsoft’s Surface line of hybrid laptops and two-in-ones; it’s also Microsoft’s first Qualcomm Arm-powered device. The Surface Pro X isn’t just an Arm device--it’s operating on a Microsoft-designed Arm chip called the SQ1, meaning the entire device is Microsoft designed from the processor to the operating system.

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