Cheat sheet: Windows 10 PowerToys (free PDF)

The first set of Windows PowerToys were made available for Windows 95. That first set of 15 free utilities were published and endorsed by Microsoft and made available in a free download. From the beginning, PowerToys were designed to be used by “power users” seeking ways to tweak the way the operating system functions. In some cases, a careless change made using a PowerToys utility by an inexperienced user could cause havoc with the Windows operating system, so novice users were encouraged to use caution.

Through the years and the various Windows versions, individual PowerToys have come and gone. Each new Windows version inspired a new set of tools based on what developers perceived was needed to improve and enhance that version. Windows 10 has inspired a completely new set of PowerToys. Learn all about it in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

In the download:

  • When was Windows 10 PowerToys first available?
  • How can I get Windows 10 PowerToys?
  • What can Windows 10 PowerToys do?
  • Why are Windows 10 PowerToys important?
  • And more!

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