Developer code reviews: 4 mistakes to avoid (free PDF)

Code reviews are meant to be a systematic examination of computer source code, intended to root out mistakes made in the initial development process and improve the quality of the software being created. However, several common mistakes arise that make the peer review process less effective

Code reviews typically fall into one of two poor patterns. The first involves the reviewer not making any changes. The second is when a simple set of changes turns into a long, drawn-out process, when quick changes turn into inefficient meetings with too many people involved to actually solve problems.

Developers must keep in mind that the simple goal of code reviews is to find bugs early on in the process, since bugs cost more the later they are discovered. In this sense, code reviews are a low-risk way of learning more about a system, and picking up domain knowledge.

To learn more about the common mistakes developer teams make with code reviews, and how to fix them download this free PDF.

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