Digital dexterity: What it is, why your organization needs it, and how CIOs can lead the charge (free PDF)

Analytics firm Gartner has coined a new term, digital dexterity, and there are several business recommendations to accompany it.

If you’re not sure what digital dexterity is, you aren’t alone. Craig Roth, Gartner Research vice president, explained it as “the ability and ambition to use technology for better business outcomes.”

That definition can still seem a bit fuzzy if you aren’t sure where ability and ambition come in to the successful use of tech in business, but digging down just a bit helps make the whole thing more understandable.

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Helen Poitevin, vice president and analyst at Gartner, expands the definition of digital dexterity by adding that it’s less about tech skills and more about “a specific set of mindsets, beliefs and behaviors.”

In short, digital dexterity is about building a tech-friendly business culture. It’s not a technical concept as much as it is a cultural one.

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