EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a software designed to help recover files deleted from different types of devices. The solution can recover more than 1,000 types of file formats, including Word, Powerpoint or Excel documents, image graphic type of files (.png .jpeg .svg etc), video files (.avi .mp4 .mpeg etc), audio files (.wav .mp3 etc), email files (.pst .emlx) and dozens of other miscellaneous file formats (.zip .html .iso).

In addition to recovering files, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can also help repair specific types of files, such as images and videos which can be useful in cases where the files might have been corrupted.

What devices is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard compatible with?

EaseUS is available for Windows and Mac and can recover and repair files from any type of device. The software will work on both internal and external hard drives as well as USB drives, SD cards and other types of storage devices.

How to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

Basically, follow these three steps:
1 – Choose the destination drive
2 – Scan
3 – And, finally recover the target files.
Here is a collection of detailed tutorials on how to apply this tool to different device data loss situations.

How much does EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows cost?

As of writing, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has two different plans:
1 – Individual Plan: US$99.95 Billed Annually
2 – Business Plan: US$299 Billed Annually
For more details on pricing and features included, please visit EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard pricing page here.

Please note – the above information is for EaseUS Data Recovery for Windows. If you are looking for it’s equivalent for Mac, please visit this page.

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