EaseUS Disk Copy for Disk Upgrade

What is EaseUS Disk Copy?

EaseUS Disk Copy is a powerful disk cloning tool for Windows users to replace a small hard drive, upgrade a failing hard drive, clone HDD to SSD or migrate Windows operating system to a new hard drive or PC! It provides users with a straightforward, fast and smooth transition to a new device without reinstalling programs, OS or losing data. With EaseUS Disk Copy, you can choose to clone an entire hard drive to another, or simply clone a single partition to another. And, it supports any external HDD, SD card or USB flash drive of any brand.

What devices are EaseUS Disk Copy compatible with?

EaseUS Disk Copy is exclusively designed for Windows use, and it supports all the available Windows operating system versions (Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista). If you download the Technician version of EaseUS Disk Copy, you can clone a hard drive on Windows servers as well. Speaking of devices, all forms of hard drives that can be recognized by Windows will work in EaseUS Disk Copy. So, feel free to use the software to clone HDD, SSD, M.2 SSD, NVMe SSD, etc.

How to Clone a Hard Drive with EaseUS?

EaseUS Disk Copy is easy to operate, and this article has detailed steps on how to clone a hard disk using EaseUS Disk Copy.
It is important to note that the target disk should be at least as big as the source disk or even larger than the source disk.

How much does EaseUS Disk Copy cost?

As of writing, EaseUS Disk Copy has three different plans:
1 – $19.9 Billed Monthly
2 – $29.9 Billed Yearly
3 – $59.9 for Lifetime Upgrade

For more details on pricing and features included, please visit the EaseUS Disk Copy pages here.

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