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What is EaseUS Todo Backup?

EaseUS Todo Backup is the one-in-all backup and restore utility for Windows computers. It protects user’s data with simple UI design but powerful features. Compared to the backup tools that come with Windows, EaseUS Todo Backup outperforms them both in terms of the backup options provided and the backup content supported. It enables users to back up files, system, disks/partitions, and emails.
Another highlight of EaseUS Todo Backup is its instant restore. No matter how large your backup file is, you can restore the whole backup file within several seconds. You can choose to restore the backup file to the original destination or another safe location.
The backup and restore function of EaseUS Todo Backup is complete free. It also has paid advanced features such as clone and transfer system to other PC. Whether you just want to choose an easy-to-use backup software, or need to do other operations, such as updating hard drives, EaseUS Todo Backup is a good choice.

What devices are EaseUS Todo Backup compatible with?

The supported operating system of EaseUS Todo Backup ranges from Windows 7 to the latest Windows 11. If you want to clone hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup, it also supports all kinds of HDDs and SSDs.

How much does EaseUS Todo Backup cost?

As of writing, EaseUS Todo Backup has several different plans:
1 – Yearly Plan: US$39.95 Billed Anually
2 – Yearly Plan + Cloud: US$59.95 Billed Anually (plus 1TB cloud storage)
3 – Lifetime Upgrades: US$59.95 (One-time purchase)
For more details on pricing and features included, please visit EaseUS Todo Backup pages here.
Please note – the above information is for EaseUS Todo Backup Home. If you are looking for its equivalent for Business usage, please visit this page

How to Use EaseUS Todo Backup?

After installing EaseUS Todo Backup, you will see a simple interface. Then go to the left side and select “add backup”. You can back up your data locally or to the cloud, depending on your needs. EaseUS Todo Backup Home can also meet advanced needs, like OS migration. Plenty of related tutorials can be found here

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