EaseUS Todo PCTrans

What is EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is an all-in-one PC-to-PC file transfer software that helps all Windows users seamlessly migrate files, transfer programs, and even account settings between old and new computers. This software presents you with a full solution for migrating files, installed programs, and accounts settings by using the network connection, image backup, and even WiFi. Aside from migrating files, folders, installed programs, and account settings to a new computer, you may also apply this file transfer software to migrate C drive installed programs, games, and even big files/folders to another local drive, such as from C to D drive without reinstallation.

Moreover, EaseUS Todo PCTrans also helps to clean up large system files and create backups of essential content, and you can even apply this tool to rescue data from unbootable or dead PC. Also, if you forgot the product key of installed Windows or paid software like Office, its Product Key can assist you in finding the product keys in just one simple click.
If you are looking for a PC data migration software, EaseUS Todo PCTrans would be an ideal option for you to move to a new PC. You can effortlessly play with your new computer with familiar settings and programs. Check the tutorials here.

What devices are EaseUS Todo PCTrans compatible with?

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is fully compatible with all Windows computers and laptops from Windows Vista to Windows 11. In addition, this software supports migrating files between old and new computers and laptops with the same or different versions of operating systems. It also allows you to move installed applications to a second or even an external hard drive without reinstallation, and no boot issue will occur.

How much does EaseUS Todo PCTrans cost?

As of writing, EaseUS Todo PCTrans has two different plans:
1 -Yearly Plan: US$59.95 Billed Annually,
2 – Lifetime Upgrades: US$69.95 (One-time purchase)
For more details on pricing and features included, please visit the EaseUS Todo PCTrans pages here.

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