Flash storage: A cheat sheet (free PDF)

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Flash memory is an electronic, non-volatile data storage medium that is erased and reprogrammed electrically. It is the basis of a variety of storage products for differing use cases, form factors, and speed or performance requirements. Flash memory is the underpinning of modern consumer technology--it is used to store photos taken with digital cameras, and is found in smartphones, tablets, game consoles, as well as solid-state drives used in computers.

TechRepublic’s flash storage cheat sheet is an overview of the key information you need to know about the topic. This free PDF download will be updated when new formats and post-flash technologies are introduced.

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Flash memory is an electronic, solid-state storage medium developed by Fujio Masuoka while working at Toshiba, circa 1980. Masuoka first publicly demonstrated the invention in 1987, with Intel producing the first commercial flash chip in 1988.

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