Happy birthday, Google docs! Check out the apps 15 best features (free PDF)

Google Docs turns 15 years old this October 2021, since the app officially launched in October 2006, built on concepts initially implemented by the team behind Writely, which Google acquired. At the time, the real innovation of the app was multi-person document editing in a browser that worked. Years later, collaboration remains a core strength of Google Docs.

Over the years, the branding around Google Docs has changed. It’s been part of Google Apps for your Domain, Google Apps for Work and later, Google Apps (minus the modifiers). For a while it was part of G Suite. As of late 2021, Google Docs serves alongside other collaborative editors, such as Google Sheets and Google Slides, as a core component of Google Workspace.

To recognize the 15-year longevity of Google Docs, TechRepublic is highlighting 15 key aspects of the app. Many of these you may know, but I hope you find a few new-to-you features, as well. Find out more in this free PDF download.

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