How Brexit is affecting tech jobs and entrepreneurs in the UK (free PDF)

UK tech companies have told ZDNet about the big – and unexpected – changes they have made even before Brexit arrives.

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From the story:

Over the three years since the UK voted narrowly to leave the European Union, tech companies across the country have been trying to figure out what Brexit means for them.
Some have spent their time and effort rethinking supply chains and moving operations abroad; others have decided the level of uncertainty is too immense to manage and have opted largely to ignore the whole thing.

But as the Brexit process finally – perhaps – enters its endgame, it’s clear that the past three years of the Brexit process has had a significant and lasting impact on the UK’s tech scene, even before the country has even left the EU.

How the tech industry responds to Brexit matters because these entrepreneurs are capable of generating the high-paying jobs that all economies are craving.

Tech workers are also highly mobile. With in-demand talents, they can work from pretty much any location, so the impact of Brexit is likely to be visible first and most clearly on these individuals. And, as nearly half of exports from the UK’s digital sector go to the EU, how the government finally resolves the Brexit challenge is vitally important to this group.

ZDNet (a sister site of TechRepublic) spoke to tech companies of different sizes and at different stages of their development to see how the Brexit process has affected them so far.

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