How to become a CIO: A cheat sheet

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Business leaders are responsible for guiding a company and its employees toward successful goals; in order to do this, leaders must hire the best candidates to support their staff--but the responsibilities don’t stop there.

Most big changes in organizations begin at the top: Diversity and inclusion efforts, digital transformation initiatives, mentorship programs, upskill and reskill prioritization, cybersecurity procedures, and overall goal assessment. These movements are typically set by those in the C-suite and implemented by other executives and managers.

However, planning and implementing the technology strategy for an organization falls on one specific leader: The Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CIO is the executive-level face of the technology department for the entire business, requiring an individual with impressive technical knowledge and communication abilities.

Other members of the C-suite include the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)--all of which are generally referred to as CXOs. CIOs are sometimes mistaken for CTOs, but CTOs are more responsible for forming technologies or technology strategies that help grow the business externally, looking at customer needs, as reported by the Telegraph. CIOs, instead, are inward-facing, managing the internal IT infrastructure.

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