How to develop your IT team’s capabilities (free PDF)

If you could take a time machine even five or 10 years into the past, you’d likely be surprised how much your IT department has evolved. While the office and people are perhaps more or less the same (other than aging), the demands, skills, and day-to-day activities have likely evolved. If you’ve diligently and thoughtfully managed these changes, you’ll likely reflect with happiness at how your plans are evolving.

Perhaps this evolution has been less carefully managed, and your shop has evolved haphazardly in response to external demands rather than careful leadership guidance. Perhaps you built a strategic capability around mobile app development that’s now helping deliver consumer apps, casting IT in an entirely new light. Or, perhaps you were saddled with a new cloud platform, and you find yourself with a dozen technicians dedicated to that single platform while other capabilities languish.

In either case, strategically developing the portfolio of capabilities that your IT organization delivers and building them thoughtfully will bring significant long-term benefit. Furthermore, if you have the right capabilities, you’ll end conversations around “alignment” and IT’s strategic value since you’ll have the capabilities the business needs to execute its objectives.

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