How to overcome business continuity challenges (free PDF)

There’s no question that even after COVID-19, the hangover will be felt across all industries. The coronavirus pandemic has impacting small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in profound ways, regardless of sector.

For businesses with disaster recovery and business continuity plans (DR/BC) already in place, transitioning employees off-site to a home office environment is straightforward. For organizations without a formal DR/BC plan, things are a bit tougher, as COVID-19 is forcing SMBS to evaluate their remote work capabilities and security.

This free PDF download from TechRepublic provides SMBs with a roadmap for how businesses can continue and survive in today’s environment. Learn how different industry sectors such as retail, healthcare, and tech are adapting to new ways of conducting business, how to create a business continuity plan, how to handle continuity challenges, and much more.

In the download:

  • Business continuity plans and tech are lacking during the coronavirus pandemic
  • COVID-19: Three ways tech companies can help other industries with business continuity
  • COVID-19: Four business continuity challenges the medical industry will face
  • COVID-19: Five business continuity challenges coming to the retail industry
  • How SMBs can overcome business continuity challenges during the coronavirus pandemic
  • How to create a business continuity plan: 5 factors to consider
  • And more!

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