How to use Google Lens and Wescover to discover the creators of art and design (free PDF)

Google Lens helps make your smartphone camera smarter. Point your phone at text, and Lens translates. Point your phone at a restaurant, and Lens shows you reviews and images of menu items. Focus on a flower, and Lens tries to identify it.

In part, Google Lens relies on machine learning to identify objects. For example, the ability for Google Lens to recognize a flower relies on a process that requires access to a large number of images of flowers; that process works reasonably well with items when large numbers of example images exist.

But some objects are unique, such as a work of art or a custom-designed object. To identify these objects, the system must match an object set of one, which is where Wescover comes in.

Learn more about Google Lens and Wescover in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

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